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A significant portion of my practice is devoted to drafting last wills and testaments for couples and individuals. This is the first part of developing an estate plan because it provides for the distribution of property owned by you at the time of your death.

Although I do have to deal with the occasional questions like “I will be dead, so what do I care what happens with my money or stuff?” or “I don’t really like anyone in my family so why shouldn’t I just let them all fight it out?” Most people understand the importance of planning for this eventual reality. Statistics show that people spend anywhere from 30-75 hours per week working to earn a living to provide for their families. They also spend an inordinate amount of time planning for things like vacations, new purchases, and even where they will have dinner, so why would they not want to make sure they have a plan in place so their wishes are met after their death?

That is where I can help. Wills are not just documents that give your stuff away. They can be of various degrees of complexity and can be utilized to achieve a wide range of family and tax objectives. Aside from providing for the disposition of your property, there are a number of other important objectives that may be accomplished. Rather than give you the typical list of things that a Will can provide for, I would prefer to explain why it is that I can help in this process.

Most lawyers can write a Will that makes sure your assets pass to the people you would like to have received them. However they may not know the right questions to ask so that you know how to distribute and protect those assets from yourself, your spouse, families and creditors. I feel confident in my ability to ask the right questions so you really understand what you would like to have happen and to ensure that your wishes are met. I do not just listen to what you think you want, I make you understand how those wishes are maximized and best met.

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