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I am an attorney who specializes in estate planning, estate administration, and real estate matters. Okay, I am going to stop here for a moment because you may be asking yourself “so what”? Since you can go to any attorney website and learn about some really good lawyers telling you about wills, trusts and all sorts of wonderful estate planning documents, which I must stress despite my lightheartedness are extremely important, I will try to answer the question “so what”?

  Just like those other attorneys, I have lots of experience (20 years in these areas) and a good education (BA from the University of Chicago, JD from Brooklyn Law School and LLM in Taxation from New York University).

I also have the ability to draft excellent documents that will provide you with security and the knowledge that you are doing what is best for your family, but what you get with me are things that are not as tangible but of equal value and importance. You will get my personal attention, quick response time, an ability to explain matters simply, flexible hours and a team of other professionals that will meet all of your estate planning related needs (i.e. financial planning, retirement planning, life insurance, mortgage, etc.).

In many circumstances, I will be the first attorney that you retain, and I will make sure that your experience is one that negates the typical stereotype of stuffy, unapproachable and overpriced lawyers.

About Us

Our firm is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, on 36 West 44th Street, Suite  #1215, New York, NY 10036. We are 2 blocks from Times Square and close to all public transportation making it an easy commute. Should you need, we can also travel to your home or office, simply call our email us to schedule an appointment.

  • Estate Planning

    By definition, estate planning is the design of a plan meant to preserve, protect and transfer assets upon your death.

  • Wills

    A significant portion of my practice is devoted to drafting last wills and testaments for couples and individuals.

  • Power of Attorney

    Imagine that something happens in your world either by choice or accident where you are not in a position to make an important and critical decision.

  • Trusts

    In addition to the many other legal services I provide, I also do a great deal of work establishing trusts for my clients.


“Ken is an excellent lawyer. Helped me in estate planning and in setting up my will and living trust. Ken is very thorough and walked me through the entire process. I highly recommend him.”

Manny Martinez

“Experience has shown me that one of the most important recommendations I can make for my clients is that of a real estate attorney. Ken is at the top of my list for these referrals as he has proven himself to be patient, responsive and thorough in his representation of buyers and sellers of Manhattan real estate. Ken is also a top notch estate planner and I do not hesitate to refer him out for either service.”

William Bolls, Vice President, Corcoran Group Real Estate

“I’ve recommended numerous clients of my firm, who were in need of an estate planning attorney, to Ken. I continue to do so because I’m always confident that he will provide them with outstanding representation and advice, and that reflects well on me as well. Ken has never let me or my clients down.”

Peter Sanders, Owner, Sanders Litigation Associates, P.C.,

“Kenneth has displayed a high level of knowledge and great service to my clients. I’d recommend him for all levels of estate planning.”

Michael Leibowiz,
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